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50cc Scooter Insurance

July 25th, 2010 admin

50cc Scooter Insurance

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50cc Scooter Insurance Help?

I'm 16 in 9 days, and I'm going to celebrate with a Peugeot V Clic Silver Sport. However, I'm going to need insurance. I live in a quiet area, and my scooter will be kept in a locked, secure garage with four other Scooters. I'm also very responsible and won't be thrashing it and doing wheelies. Does anyone think this will reduce the cost of insurance?

It definitely will I am in a similar situation to you and my insurance only costs £190 third party only which should be OK for you if you live in a nice are and buy a good lock. For some reason insurers want to know how many motorbikes are in the garage so 4 might increase your insurance. Go to gocompare.com to get some insurance quotes also ring the big names like direct line and Norwich. Have fun!!!

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