50CC Scooters

June 5th, 2010

50cc Scooters may leave the impression that because they are smaller versions of the loud motorcycles, they lack speed. A 50cc gas Scooter may lack size but not speed. A 50cc Scooter is also cheaper and very inexpensive to maintain. For its maintenance, it only costs a small amount compared to the dollars you spend on gas, repairs, and even insurance. Insurance for 50 cc gasoline powered scooters are not restrictive. This has to do with speed, yes– but lack of it. Fast gas scooters cannot compete with cars in the freeways or on the fast lanes. Hence, they are less likely to figure in accidents. That is how insurance companies assess scooters, and this is good news for all scooter aficionados.

More than Just Speed

But how fast can a 50 cc gas scooters can go? Many have tried home grown remedies like adding a performance gear sprocket or attaching an exhaust system to get the scooters speeding down the alleys. Instead of figuring out how to hike up the speedometer of the gas scooter, shop for the 4 stroke single cylinder 49.7cc scooters.
The 49.7cc air cooled 2 HP engines yield good speed for a smaller bike. This upgraded version is street legal, and has the approval of the DOT and EPA. So if you are mulling over an ordinary scooter to take you to your office everyday, why not consider a fast 50cc scooter?
Of course fast gas scooters with 49.7cc engines can rack up a speed of 35 to 40 miles per hour. Check your local laws to determine what permits are required to operate you 50cc scooter, since the legal requirements vary by city.

Gearing Up

There are some things to do before zooming away on new fast gas scooters. Before even turning the ignition key, if you bike is new make sure all the connections and fittings are secure. It is a good idea to spot check a few of the screws to make sure they are secure. If you 50cc scooter was shipped to you, then check each screw from top to bottom. Since the chains are still spanking new, oil these every day. This will prevent the chains from snapping during those short drives.

Fast gas scooters can navigate hilly terrain, and are easy to operate. In some models there is no clutch to control; instead you just twist the grip throttle. The torque converter transmission delivers the power suited for fast gas scooters.

And the Price is Right

There are different 50cc Scooters for every budget and style. The least expensive is priced at $650, and the more expensive models have tag prices extending beyond the thousand dollar mark. The cheaper models have classy sleek designs. They are also trendy and give top performance too. 50cc gas scooters need not be expensive. Get one for that daily commute and short drives. These little road soldiers
will eliminate a lot of parking hassles that you experience every time you want a space in crowded parking areas.

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You can get online and compare dealer prices as well as brands. No doubt about it, a 50cc gas scooters give the edge – extra money, convenient commutes, and freedom on the road.

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